Cooking Classes

 After school, I went to the university to study education and became a

social worker in a psychiatric clinic. Four years later I connected to a group, sharing the idea to open up a coffee shop, where patients should find an opportunity to work under better circumstances. We got not any help from government institution, so we just opened a coffee shop ourselves.

It was my first step into the gastronomic field and we all had a great time and worked successfully. We prepared homemade cakes and snacks and I found my destiny. Next step was to undergo a vocational training.

In Germany you have to work in different restaurants and go

to public culinary school.

Two years later, I graduated as a chef.

I was lucky to meet two other chefs during that time and we fulfilled our dream to open the Restaurant NIL in Hamburg , where we worked successfully together for 8 years.

I had no reason lo leave Germany, but in a holiday trip to Costa Rica,

I met my future husband and stayed in this beautiful country.


To offer cooking classes is for me a way to keep on with my profession and

I truly love to share my kitchen, knowledge, experience and, last not least,

my slice of paradise .

It is a pleasant way to get in touch with so many different people from other countries, always a lot to talk about, cooking and live...


Usually a class starts at 10 am and takes about 3 hours, preparing a three course meal, according to the personal request. 

In small groups up to 4 persons you have the opportunity of getting individual attention in a hand on situation.

Mostly people like to learn about Costa Rican cuisine, but I am open to others as well, specially Mediterranian, German and Asian.

And after work, we sit down on our ocean front terrace and enjoy the dishes and the view to the Pacific. Time to talk about variations and alternatives.


In case you have friends or family members who want to join the meal but not the class, they are welcome.

The price for a lesson for 1 person is $100, every next pays $25, no matter if participating in the class or just the meal.

Drinks are not included, just bring your own.



Hope to see you soon...