The Costa Rica Food Experience

Fruit Truck offering typical Costa Rican`s fruits in Santa Cruz Costa RIca
Fruit Truck offering typical Costa Rican`s fruits

Cooking in Costa Rica is culinary discovery. There are so many unknown vegetables and fruits, all fresh and locally sourced, great seafood, an excellent quality meat - you only have to know where to buy the best ingredients.

This country has so many different climate zones, which allows a huge variety of fruits and vegetables to be grown.

Including new ingredients in my cuisine was the first challenge

-  applying modern cooking techniques to Costa Rican recipes brought amazing results.

Soon I started to offer cooking classes to share my knowledge and experience with locals and tourists from all over the world.

And, of course, as I missed some special German food which was hard to find here, I started to make my own bread, to ferment cabbage to have “Sauerkraut” and together with my husband, a former pharmacist, we started to smoke fish and ham, producing salami and fresh cheese, something I had never done before.


It was and is a pleasure to produce our own food and, as we don´t use any artificial ingredients or preservatives, our food is natural and healthy.